How Digital Technology Is Revolutionizing Dentistry

How Digital Technology Is Revolutionizing Dentistry

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The digital revolution is improving all aspects of daily life. It is a particularly exciting time in dentistry as we are marrying ever evolving technology with the very best in old-fashioned patient care. Here are just a few ways that digital technology is revolutionizing modern dentistry.

Digital Record Keeping and Consultations

It is easier than ever before for dentistry to be fully collaborative. With online scheduling, patients can make, change, and cancel their appointments at will. Digital record keeping lets us make better use of our limited office space, as we no longer need to store paper charts and films. We can even remotely consult, in real time, with other dentists or specialists utilizing digital charts and specialized software.

Thanks to social media and enhanced websites, dentists, patients, and staff members can now communicate in ways that seemed impossible just a few years ago. Anyone with an internet connection can research his condition, learn about the practice, and ask questions as they arise. Patients can share their experiences with each other through online reviews and dental forums.

CAD/CAM Design

One of the most common worries expressed by patients is whether they will truly be satisfied at the end of a costly and time-consuming treatment process. Thanks to CAD/CAM design technology, treatment planning is now easier and more user-friendly than ever before. We can now create a 3-D model of your current and future smile. You can request adjustments throughout the design process, and you will know exactly what to expect before we even begin.

Digital Impressions, X-Rays, and Photos

If you have ever had traditional dental impressions, you know how frustrating it can be to bite down on goop, try to suppress your gag reflex, and attempt to remain patient as your dentist rocks the tray back and forth to remove the hardened material from your teeth. Digital impressions are changing the game, as they are clean, fast, and comfortable.

Digital X-rays and photos have quite a few advantages over film x-rays. They can be magnified and manipulated as needed to provide a clearer look at each section of the mouth. They also take up far less storage space, and they can be shared with the patient or a consulting dentist with just a few clicks.

Optical and CT Scanning

Modern dentistry also provides painless solutions to get an even better look at the oral anatomy. Optical scanning and digital color mapping can create a highly precise color match between your natural teeth and a dental restoration. Electronic sensors can evaluate the balance of your bite. Cone beam CT scanning allows us to carefully plan the exact placement and orientation of dental implants, optimizing aesthetics, durability, and function.

Digital technology is no substitute for evidence-based dentistry, and it cannot make up for skills that a dentist lacks. In the hands of an experienced, highly trained dentist, though, digital tools are truly taking dentistry to the next level. Modern dentistry is now safer, more accurate, and less painful than ever before.

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