Invisalign in Kensington, MD

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“The clear alternative to braces,” Invisalign is a thoroughly modern way to straighten your teeth. The system uses a series of clear, smooth, medical grade aligners to gently shift teeth into the correct position.

What Is Invisalign?

While traditional braces rely on metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses custom-crafted, removable aligners. You will wear each set for 20-22 hours per day for two weeks, or as instructed, and then change to the next set at home. We will see you once every four to six weeks to monitor your progress.

3-D Modeling

Invisalign starts with 3-D digital modeling of your existing smile. We will morph the image to show you what to expect from each stage of treatment, including the final results. When you are happy with the model, we will use it to create your individualized series of aligners.

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Aesthetics and Comfort

Unfortunately, first impressions count. No one wants to flash a mouthful of metal at an important job interview, first date, or client meeting. Invisalign is nearly invisible aligners allow you to smile, talk, and laugh with confidence.

The wires and metal brackets on traditional braces can cut, poke, or scrape the delicate soft tissues of the mouth, and adjustments are often quite painful. Invisalign is less likely to irritate the gum and they shift your teeth gently without excessive force.

Daily Life

Traditional braces are under your dentist’s control. We will place them, adjust them, and ultimately remove them. You will need an emergency visit for any issues that might arise, such as a popped wire or a loose bracket. You will not be able to eat certain foods including popcorn and sticky candy, and you must learn to care for your teeth in a whole new way.

Invisalign puts you in control. We will place attachments on your teeth and teach you how to care for your aligners, but your treatment is otherwise in your hands. You can remove your aligners for oral hygiene and to eat your favorite foods. You will change aligners at home, and you will see us only to monitor your progress.

Cost Considerations

At one time, Invisalign was significantly costlier than braces, but this is no longer always the case. Upgrades such as colored metal, as well as the costs of all adjustments and emergency visits, increase the base price of braces. Invisalign uses a fully transparent pricing model that includes all dentist appointments.

Dental insurance is complicated, and different plans offer widely varying benefits, even with the same insurance company. Some plans do not cover orthodontic treatments, or cover them only for kids under age 18. Some cover braces but not Invisalign, and some cover both. Our experienced office staff will help you understand your insurance coverage and out of pocket costs for both options.