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The Benefits of Dental Implant Supported Dentures

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When it comes to dentures, most people have two options available to them: traditional dentures, which rest on the gums, or dentures that are held in place by dental implants. If you’re looking at cost alone, traditional dentures may seem like the best choice, but there are some key advantages of implant supported dentures to consider. Below, we describe the many benefits of dental implant supported dentures.

Dental Implants Preserve the Jawbone

Dental implants are placed directly into the jaw bone, allowing them to prevent future bone loss. Patients who have traditional dentures, on the other hand, lose bone mass in their jaw over time. One of the side effects of this bone loss is a weakened bite, which makes biting and chewing difficult.

Another reason it’s important to preserve the jawbone is that bone loss will alter your appearance over time, which is referred to as facial collapse. Your features will take on a sunken appearance, making you look older than you are. Preventing facial collapse by replacing lost teeth with dental implants is more successful and cost-effective than treating facial collapse after it has already occurred.

Implant Supported Dentures Are More Stable

Implant-supported dentures are held in place by dental implant posts. There's no need to use denture paste or adhesive to secure them, and no sliding or slipping to irritate your gums or cause mouth sores. Implant supported dentures are preferred over standard dentures by many patients because they are more stable, which means they are more comfortable.

The stability of implant-supported dentures also boosts patients' self-confidence. They don't have to worry about their dentures slipping and interfering with their ability to talk, and they never have to turn down food they’re offered because they can’t bite or chew it. Implant supported dentures feel and function so much like natural teeth that patients often forget they're wearing them!

Implant Supported Dentures May Cost Less in the Long Run

We understand that the price difference between traditional dentures and implant supported dentures is a major factor for most patients when choosing between the two options. Traditional dentures are certainly less expensive in the short term, but they may end up costing you more in the long run.

Consider the fact that dentures that are not supported by implants have shorter lifespans and must be relined or replaced every few years as the jawbone deteriorates. You may also need bone grafting if you suffer bone loss and it impacts your ability to eat or causes facial collapse. These expenses can add up to be far more than the cost of implant supported dentures over time.

Taking Care of Implant Supported Dentures Is Easy

You'll never have to worry about taking your dentures out at the end of the day to clean them if you choose a fixed denture. Instead, you'll brush your dentures like natural teeth while they're in your mouth. This, too, can boost your self-esteem by allowing you to forget that you're wearing dentures.

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