Why iTero?

Why iTero?

Team Oral Health

iTero is a 3D imaging system that replaces the messy, cumbersome process of creating dental impressions. We introduced it to Kensington Natural Smiles for its greater accuracy and precision, which gives us a more complete picture of our patients’ overall oral health. This important advance in dental imaging technology allows us to enhance patient experience, comfort, and provide a higher level of care.

Teeth are small, with a myriad of details, and the iTero scanner can capture all the intricacies of the mouth without messy powder or gag-inducing impression material. The scanner essentially looks like a wand and it can take thousands of pictures in a minute to capture details at the highest precision. This means less chair time for our patients, as well as a better fit and feel for dental restorations and appliances.

iTero can be used in various aspects of dentistry, including crowns and bridges, Invisalign and implants. These digital scans can be sent directly to a lab in real time to improve communication and enable streamlined digital workflows. Dentists can collaborate with labs online more efficiently with this kind of imaging and decrease case turnover time for patients. Additionally, we can track teeth movement or wear over time with the iTero digital record. This can serve as a preventative diagnostic for potential bite problems in the future.

What Does the iTero™ Scanner Do?

The iTero™ Intraoral Scanner is designed to make the process of measuring and taking a mold of a patient’s mouth easier and more comfortable while offering a significantly higher degree of precision.

There are two parts to the iTero™: the wand and the station itself. The wand employs incredible imaging technology that is capable of capturing even the smallest details of a patient’s mouth.  The captured images are sent to the station for data processing, which turns the images into a 3D model that can be updated in real time.

Why Use the iTero™ Scanner Over Traditional Methods?

Traditional methods of creating an impression require the use of dental material that gradually hardens. Often, patients can feel uncomfortable or gaggy when they have to hold this material in their mouth in a closed position for even a short period of time. If patients accidentally move before the material hardens, the impressions can be inaccurate and the process has to start again.

iTero 3D imaging creates impressions that: 

  • Are more accurate than other methods can provide.
  • Tend to be faster to record.
  • Are less prone to errors.
  • Require fewer retakes than other methods.
  • Create more accurate prosthetic devices that require less fine tuning.
  • Can be used to create devices faster due to the lack of needed modeling.
  • Tend to allow for a higher degree of comfort to the patients.

If you need to have impressions made before getting a dental appliance or for any other reason, why suffer through the messy, uncomfortable traditional impression process? Visit our Kensington, MD dental office for our state-of-the-art iTero 3D imaging to get impressions that are more comfortable and more precise. Contact us today or give us a call at 301-933-3903.